When am I eligible for a learner's permit?

Students can sign up and start driver’s ed on their 15th Birthday or anytime after

How much does it cost?

The total cost is $385.

  • This includes both the 30 hours of online instruction AND the state required 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made online , in person , or mailed to our office.

How and when can I get my learner’s permit?

Ten and Two Driving will issue a Certificate of Driver’s Education (CDE form) along with proof of registration in the online class after the student has enrolled and payment has been received by Ten and Two.

  • These two forms, along with additional personal information, must be taken to the BMV, where they will then provide the student with a learner’s permit.

What other documentation do I need to take to the BMV to get my permit?

(Along with the CDE form and proof of registration)

Please bring the following:

  • your birth certificate

  • your social security card

  • 2 pieces of mail with your name and current address

    • No mail? Ask your school to print your current class schedule and report card from Harmony that includes your name and address.

Click here for more specific details on the BMV’s required documents.

Must I finish the online portion before I can get my learner’s permit?

No. Students can work on the classroom and the driving portion at the same time.

Do I have to take a test at the BMV to get my learner's permit?

Yes. A 50 question multiple choice test, including sign identification, is required to get a learner’s permit.

  • I recommend having some of the online class completed before attempting this test.

    • If a student fails the test, he or she can go back to the BMV and try again the next day.

    • A student is allowed unlimited attempts to pass the test, but the test can only be taken one time each day.

    • Students can take this written test on a computer or on paper.

      • Students have said it is easier on paper, but you must request a paper test.

Are there resources available to help me study for the permit test at the BMV? Yes!

*Please note, the best way to prepare is by completing 30-40% of your online class prior to testing.

How are driving times scheduled?

Once you've received a learner’s permit, you'll be contacted and given a link which will be used to sign up for driving days/ times. This link will allow you to choose the day/time up to a week in advance.

  • I always work around students’ busy schedules. Driving times are available after school, Saturdays, Sundays, during school vacations, and summer break.

How long is a scheduled driving session?

Drives last an hour.

  • Depending on your work schedule and activities, I will generally drive with you 1 to 3 times per week.

Where will we meet to drive?

  • All drives begin and end in Covington

Who will I be driving with?

Ten and Two Driving has 4 instructors who you may be driving with. You probably won't drive with the same instructor every time.

  • Corey Smaltz is the owner of Ten and Two Driving. He has been teaching driver's ed since 1999. He also teaches Math at Covington Community High School and also drives a school bus.

  • Bryan Anderson is a Math teacher at Covington Middle School and has been teaching driver's ed since 2019.

  • Eric Stockberger is the French teacher at Covington Community High School and has been teaching driver's ed since 2004.

  • Michelle Hughes is a full-time mom and joined Ten and Two Driving in 2020. She also teaches driver's ed for North Vermillion High School and Simmons Driving in Terre Haute.

Can I drive outside of Indiana with a learner’s permit?

Yes in Illinois, but every state is different, so I recommend calling the State Police in each particular state before driving.

When and where can I take the driving test?

They can take the test any time after finishing driver’s ed. Both the 6 hours of driving and the 30 hour online class must be completed.

  • Ten and Two Driving offers the state driving test for an additional $25.

    • Students don't have to wait until they're 16 and 90 days if they test with Ten and Two.

    • Students will be in the same car as with driver's ed and will take the test with Mr. Smaltz.

  • Students can also take the driving test at the BMV but must wait until they are eligible for a driver’s license (16 years and 90 days old).

    • The BMV does not provide a car and students will have to miss part of the school day as testing appointments are only available at that time.

What about car insurance?

Indiana requires all drivers to have insurance. Use this guide to decide what kind of insurance is best for you.

Other questions?

I know this process can sometimes be overwhelming. Please call or email with any additional questions.